Ab medica is now Italy’s leading company in the production and distribution of medical technologies, as well as a reference point for robotic surgery and technological innovation in healthcare.

Among the first companies to bring gasless laparoscopic surgery to Italy, ab medica has always relied heavily on innovative technology: the da Vinci robotic system was introduced in 1999 and Cyberknife, a robotic system for full-body stereotactic radiosurgery arrived in Italy in 2003. Thanks to its synergistic collaboration with other companies in the holding, ab medica has now acquired a leading role in the field of Research & Development, with important projects and solutions in sectors such as genomics, tissue engineering and stem cells, together with intensified relations with universities, research centres and international scientific laboratories.

The ab medica holding group guarantees the highest levels of quality and innovation in the most advanced sectors of medicine. Along with ab medica Deutschland Gmbh e Co. KG, ab medica s.a.s, ab medica sagl, ATLC, Genomnia, Medical Labs, Pacinotti, Telbios and Officine Ortopediche Rizzoli, ab medica operates in a coordinated, synergistic manner, enhancing the complementary nature of the companies, partnerships and deeply shared common intentions, to be part of something unique, while also maintaining its own unique professional know-how and corporate identity.

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