Rivoira Pharma, part of Praxair Group, is one of the leading Manufacturing Companies in Italy, in the medical gas industry. Rivoira Pharma is the right partner, Always focused on customer needs and able to support the Client, fulfilling quality and continuous improvement.

For the Healthcare market, Rivoira manufactures and sells medical gases (in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia and with AIC), as well as Medical Devices for administration of its gaseous products. In this way, it ensures maximum effectiveness in the therapeutic field of the supplied gas, thus ensuring the compliance of quality and safety standards for patients and facilities’ personnel. Moreover, Rivoira designs and builds turnkey centralized systems for medical gases distribution, according to the Quality System UNI EN ISO 13485.

All the above, combined with the wide range of products, services and management solutions, tailored to the customer's specific needs, make Rivoira Pharma the right and reliable technological partner for patient care.