Our mission
Our aim at Linde Healthcare is always to help our customers to achieve and maintain the highest standards in healthcare.
Working closely with customers for over 125 years, we have always risen to challenges in our pursuit of excellence. Our insight into the issues that shape the reality of our customers drives us to deliver breakthrough products and outstanding services.
Innovating for customers
Our customers are the reason we exist and are central to our current and future success. Linde Healthcare aims to innovate in every area of our business in order to retain existing customers, attract new customers and enter new markets.
A passion to excel
We have the commitment and drive to pursue ever-higher standards through continuous improvement and commitment. Linde Healthcare strives for excellence, with the aim of improving every aspect of our organisation, processes and operations.
Empowering people
Our people are given the space to contribute and grow. Linde Healthcare believes in empowering our staff because capable and responsible people create success, both for our customers and our company.
Thriving through diversity
Diversity results in enriched collaboration and enhanced solutions. Linde Healthcare strongly believes that the diversity of our employees, their capabilities, our global footprint and our range of activities help us to understand the issues and pressures within healthcare, and to meet our customers’ evolving needs.