Fresenius Medical Care is the world leader for the manufacture of medical devices and the management of services for the treatment of kidney failure. The Group operates in more than 120 countries around the world, through a network of 3,418 dialysis centers with more than 294,000 dialysis patients.

Since 2002, Fresenius Medical Care has expanded its portfolio of treatments and extracorporeal therapies for patients with acute kidney failure or requiring extracorporeal blood purification.
The treatments make use of the multiFiltrate platform, born thanks to Fresenius Medical Care’s know-how of chronic dialysis therapies. Since 2002, this platform has integrated a constant technical development to broaden the range of treatments, using membranes for the removal of middle molecules and hosting treatments with regional citrate anticoagulation (CiCa® system), complementary to heparin treatments.

Just last year, on the occasion of the SMART Congress, Fresenius launched the new mutliFiltratePro platform, which, thanks to its increased simplicity, flexibility and safety offers new standards for high quality care, thus optimising therapeutic efficacy and efficiency.