A project to improve the ICU experience for the relatives of ICU patients:, and at the same time to facilitate the communication time for medical and nursing staff. After the recent publication of the preliminary project on Intensive Care Med. 2017 Jan;43(1):69-79, at the SMART congress will be presented the Intensiva 2.0 project, that will involve 300 Italian ICUs in 3 years. Main outcome of the project is to improve the correctness of comprehension about clinical information provided to family members, and to decrease post-traumatic stress symptoms, anxiety, and depression, very frequent in family members of ICU patients.

All Italian ICU are welcome: each one can participate for free to this educational research project. To know the project and to have all relevant information, we invite you to participate in the SMART congress session about “Good communication” at Brown Hall 2, (Thursday May 11, from midday to 1 PM), or to come and see at Intensiva 2.0 desk.