Boer C.

Christa Boer is Professor of Anesthesiology (Research in Perioperative Care), and published more than 150 papers in international journals. She is member of the editorial board of the British Journal of Anaesthesia. Her translational research focuses on the interplay between microcirculatory perfusion, endothelial activation and coagulation during cardiopulmonary bypass and hemorrhagic shock and on postoperative care. She is principle investigator of a large multicenter study focusing on postoperative care by anesthesiologists (TRACE study). She is member of the subcommittee Transfusion, Haemostasis and Thrombosis of the ESA, and chair of the subcommittee Transfusion & Haemostasis of the EACTA. She recently published the EACTS-EACTA guideline Patient Blood Management in Cardiac Surgery. In addition, she is member of the SCA Blood Conservation workgroup and NATA scientific committee