Brambillasca P.

Anesthesiologist in Bergamo since 2008. Experience in Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery, GI surgery, Hepato-pancreatic Surgery; Breast Surgery, Recostructive and Plastic Surgery. Experience in Pediatric Anesthesia

*Transplants(dec 2017)
Lung Transplant n=23 (12/y - whole center average)
Liver Transplant, adult n=73 (65/y - whole center average)
Liver Transplant, pediatric n=29 (30/y - whole center average)
Kidney Transplants

*Locoregional Anesthesia: neuraxial and peripheral blocks (echo-guided)
-lumbar, thoracic epidural
-PVB for thoracic and breast surgery
-TAP blocks
-lower limb: mid-femoral blocks (sciatic+saphenous)
-upper limb: scalene&axillary blocks,
-hand: forearm selective blocks

*Bronchoscopic awake intubation proficiency