Mojoli F.

Consultant Intensivist at Fondazione IRCCS S. Matteo, Pavia, Italy Researcher at University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy Recent publications: 1. F Mojoli, GA Iotti, F Torriglia, M Pozzi, CA Volta, S Bianzina, A Braschi, L Brochard, In vivo calibration of esophageal pressure in the mechanically ventilated patient makes measurements reliable, Critical Care201620:98, DOI: 10.1186/s13054-016-1278-5 2. Pesenti A, Musch G, Lichtenstein D, Mojoli F, Amato MB, Cinnella G, Gattinoni L, Quintel M. Imaging in acute respiratory syndrome, Intensive Care Med. 2016, Epub ahead of print 3. Mojoli F, Iotti GA, Arnal JM, Braschi A. Is the ventilator switching from inspiration to expiration at the right time? Look at the waveforms! Int Care Med 2015, Epub ahead of print 4. Mongodi S, Bouhemad B, Iotti GA, Mojoli F. An ultrasonographic sign of intrapulmonary shunt. Int Care Med, Epub ahead of print 5. Tavazzi G, Via G, Turco A Mojoli F. Right ventricular arrhythmogenic dysplasia in cardiac arrest. An echocardiographic pattenr not to forget. Am J Resp Crit Care Med 2015 Sep15;192(6):e46-8 6. G. Tavazzi, M. Pozzi, G. Via, S. Mongodi, A. Braschi, F. Mojoli. Weaning failure for disproportionate hypoxemia caused by paradoxical responde to positive end-expiratory pressure in a patient with patent foramen ovale. Am J Respir Care Med 2016; 193(1):e1-2 7. Castagna L, Zanella A, Scaravilli V, Magni F, Deab SA, Introna M, Mojoli F, Grasselli G, Pesenti A, Patroniti N. Effects on membrane lung gas exchange of an intermittent high gas flow recruitment maneuver: preliminary data in veno-venous ECMO patients. J Artif Organs 2015 Sep;18(3):213-9 8. Mojoli F, Chiumello D, Pozzi M, Algieri I, Bianzina S, Luoni S, Volta CA, Braschi A, Brochard L. Esophageal pressure measurements under different conditions of intrathoracic pressure. An in vitro stuy of second generation balloon catheters. Minerva Anestesiol 2015 aug;81(8):855-64