Borrometi F.

Specialized in Anesthesia, analgesia and intensive care

He has been involved in Pediatric Anesthesia since 1983 particularly in the field of Pediatric Regional techniques and pain control

Since 2001 Chief of Pediatric Pain Service and Palliative Care at the Oncology Department of the Pediatric Hospital “Santobono” of Naples (ITALY ), HUB of the Regional Pain Network for the pediatric patients

President of the Italian Society of Pediatric and Neonatal Anestesia and Intensive Care (SARNEPI) in the years 2009-2011 and now coordinator of the Study Group about Pain and Palliative Care of the Society

Lecturer in several national and international congresses about regional anesthesia and pain in children.

Author of many scientific publications about pediatric anesthesia and co-author of anesthesia text

Lecturer at the Master in " Pediatric Anesthesia and Intensive Care " held at the University of Brescia (Italy), at the Master in “Pain Therapy” at the University SUN in Naples (Italy) and at the Master in “Pediatric Palliative Care and Pain Therapy” at the University of Padua (Italy)