Borghi B.

Since 1 October 2006 he is Associated Professor of Anaesthesiology Bologna University. He has published more than 300 papers concerning anesthesia, blood conservation, regional anesthesia, thromboembolic prophylaxis, pain therapy especially in orthopaedics: 218 of these were written in full, 114 on impacted journals (Impact factor 216). He has published 3 books (2002, 2004, 2006) with Masson Elsevier on regional anesthesia. He was speaker more than 600 times in national and international congresses. In 2004 he published the technique to obtain asymmetric and unilateral epidural anaesthesia.
In 2010 he published the technique to treating phantom limb syndrome.
In 2012 he published a new landmark for the identification L4-L5 interspace. In 2013 he publised a new technique able to heal chronic low back pain and chronic sciatica. He was the Italian coordinator of the following International research protocols focused on new drugs for the antithromboembolic prophylaxis: Record 3, ONYX 2, BMS CV185-047